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TIME SCHEDULE AND ORDER OF EVENTS: Running events will never start before the scheduled time. The scoreboard clock will be considered the official time.

FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2005
2:30pm Coaches’ meeting (In tent at scoreboard end track)
Field Events:
3:30pm Girls: Discus, High Jump, and Long Jump
Boys: Shot Put, Pole Vault, and Long Jump
Track Events:
4:15pm Girls 4x800m Relay FINALS
4:30pm Boys 4x800m Relay FINALS
4:55pm Girls 100m Hurdle Trials
5:10pm Boys 110m Hurdle Trials
5:25pm Girls 100m Dash Trials
5:35pm Boys 100m Dash Trials
5:50pm Girls 400m Run Trials
6:05pm Boys 400m Run Trials
6:20pm Girls 300m Hurdle Trials
6:35pm Boys 300m Hurdle Trials
6:50pm Girls 200m Dash Trials
7:00pm Boys 200m Dash Trials
7:15pm Girls 3200m Run FINALS
7:30pm Boys 3200m Run FINALS

SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2005
9:30pm Coaches’ meeting (In tent at scoreboard end track)
Field Events:
10:00am Girls: Shot Put, Pole Vault, and Triple Jump
Boys: Discus, High Jump, and Triple Jump
Track Event FINALS:
12:00pm Girls 100m Hurdles
12:10pm Boys 110m Hurdles
12:20pm Girls 100m Dash
12:30pm Boys 100m Dash
12:40pm Girls 800m Relay
12:50pm Boys 800m Relay
1:00pm Girls 1600m Run
1:10pm Boys 1600m Run
1:25pm Girls 4x100m Relay
1:35pm Boys 4x100m Relay
1:45pm Girls 400m Run
1:55pm Boys 400m Run
2:05pm Girls 300m Hurdles
2:15pm Boys 300m Hurdles
2:25pm Girls 800m Run
2:35pm Boys 800m Run
2:45pm Girls 200m Dash
2:55pm Boys 200m Dash
Break (Clean up/Scores)
3:15pm Girls 4x400m Relay
3:25pm Boys 4x400m Relay
3:35pm AWARDS